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Aronia-The Birds and the Bees

Did you know that Aronia is self-pollinating? That means its flowers use their own pollen to reproduce, and don’t have to rely on assistance from bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to produce fruit. Apomictic (self-pollinating) plants maintain the same genetic characteristics indefinitely, which is an advantage when a specific plant is well suited to its…

Aronia History

Even though aronia berries are less common in this part of the world, they are not really a “new” type of berry. Originally from North America, the history of this berry extends back to precolonial times and is associated with the traditions of Native Americans. Historically, black chokeberry was used by the North American Forest…

Aronia Harvest

Late summer is a time for everything sweet and delicious. Whether you’re after strawberries, blueberries or raspberries, there is an abundance ripe for the taking on this green planet. The last days of August into September for us, however, mean that the Aronia berry harvest is in full gear. In the early years, we picked…

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